Saturday, July 11, 2009

Favorite Things

When we sit down to dinner, one of our traditions is to ask each other what our favorite thing was that day. Sometimes we also talk about what our least favorite thing was. Sometimes my kids surprise me and say something I didn't expect. I am trying to engender thankfulness and positive outlook, as well as teach the kids how to have polite dinner conversation and learn about each other.

Today my favorite thing was when I worked for a bit on finishing two little birds I have been making to send to two inspiring women. (I got the pattern free from Spool Sewing.) I have really been feeling the need lately to be connected to other women, to share our stories, to hear and be heard. Working on the birds helped me feel like I was moving forward on this important facet of my life. In short, it made me happy.

What was your favorite thing today?

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