Thursday, November 19, 2009

Art Walk

Artist Joan Archer demonstrates watercolor painting.

Every third Thursday evening a local town has an Art Walk, where the shops stay open late and art is displayed throughout the area. I have wanted to go for several years now, and this week we finally made it a priority. We bundled up and put on our boots to brave the blustery weather. It felt so good to get out of the house for something fun as a family!

We started out at a gallery, viewing interesting paintings by a variety of artists and snacking on cookies and cider. Gabriel was curious about talking with one of the artists, so we chatted with her a bit about her training and experiences. She was very encouraging to Gabriel. We went on to another gallery, where there was an artist doing a demonstration with watercolors. Gabriel was really interested in this, and we stayed to watch as long as she painted. Then it was next door to see a different artist using a completely different style of watercolor painting. She also took time to answer our questions and explain her philosophy of art. At a fourth gallery we looked at some sculptures and yet some more paintings. Somewhere here the word "surreal" was used, and Gabriel picked up on that and came home to do some "surreal" art of his own. I think we're going to have to do some research about different styles of art so he (and I) knows exactly what that means.

The kids observe Autumn Kegley painting at Autumn Leaves Gallery.

I was touched by how intensely interested Gabriel was. I wasn't sure how the evening would turn out with both the kids along, but Gabriel was definitely inspired by the art he saw. I also appreciated the way everyone took time to talk to us, genuinely sharing their interests and techniques, treating Gabriel as a student and not just a little kid. Why haven't I gone to this before??? There were a bunch of other stores we didn't even have the time or energy to see. I think this is going to be a regular gig for us in the future.

This little one, however, was plumb tuckered out.


kopili said...

Hey, how old is Gabriel? Kids really pick up interest at an early age, huh?

Jennifer Johnson said...

Gabriel is 7. He's been interested in art from an early age, and already understands the importance of art for the health of his spirit. I look on him with amazement!