Monday, May 16, 2011

Honeypot Luminaries

I have been remiss in telling everyone about the wonderful gift I won recently. I follow the blog of a lovely mom and her two children who live on a boat (withe the dad, too!). It's called Zach Aboard, and it is fabulous and fun! She hosted a giveaway recently, and I was lucky enough to win. Soon after, I received a box with the most gorgeous candle inside - but that description doesn't tell it all.

Our Honeypot Luminary

This Honeypot is a molded beeswax bowl, with carvings in the sides, and a beeswax candle inside. When the candle is lit, the light shines through to reflect on the wall nearest.

A blurry photo that just gives a hint of the interesting shadows and lights that arise from the lit candle inside

It is a fascinating creation, and we enjoy having it in our home. It feels so special when it is lit, and there is something warming and soothing about the light and the subtle aroma. This company makes other types of luminaries, some with flowers molded into the wax. I highly recommend you check out their website! Thank you so much to the folks at Bee Natural, and to Cindy at Zach Aboard for hosting the giveaway.

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boatbaby said...

They are addicting aren't they? I am glad you're enjoying it! :)