Friday, June 6, 2008

Mysterious and Amazing

This evening we went to Gabriel's school for FAME, the Family Activity and Multicultural Event.  His school has such a diversity of students from many ethnic backgrounds.  Dad and Annika went home early, but I got to spend some extra time there with my son, watching the program and doing a craft project.  We walked home together afterwards, holding hands and talking about the day.  We commented on the beautiful fluffy clouds that were picking up the orange light from the sunset.  I thought how amazing it is that I still get to hold my little boy's hand.  He still wants to sit on my lap, and complains when we don't get enough time to cuddle.  He worms his way onto chairs when I am reading with Annika, and still expects me to sing to him at bedtime.  I still get to kiss him goodbye when I drop him off at school in the afternoon.  

I am so aware that I will not be able to do these things for too much longer.  Pretty soon I will be an embarrassment to him.  I thought of a series of pictures I had taken last week when we were in the yard.  His face has changed recently; it is getting longer and looks more serious and thoughtful.  He still has that intense look in his eyes that he has had since he was a baby.  Now he seems more wise than his age should allow.  He can be contemplative, funny, serious, far-away, piercing, moody.  He still cries with the least provocation.  But he is incredibly nurturing and gentle, thoughtful and kind.  

He keeps catching me looking at him, trying to memorize his features and storing them away for later.  I wonder how he will change as he matures, and try to figure out who he looks like.  I see mostly just him, mysterious and amazing. 

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