Thursday, June 12, 2008

Turning Six

Gabriel turned six on Monday.  For some reason this birthday makes me feel nostalgic.  Six seems so much older than five.  Five is still a little child, home with mom for much of the day.  Six is going to school full-time in the fall, no longer a preschooler, growing away.  People always say how fast these years go, and recently I have begun to understand this personally.  I used to feel that the days were dragging by, but now I wonder where the time has gone.  

For Gabriel's birthday, I was able to go to his class for snack time and brought some treats and juice boxes.  The class sang Happy Birthday while Ms. Christianson held the giant Birthday Book.  Our family went out to Red Lobster for dinner in the evening.  Gabriel thinks restaurants are pretty special.  It's funny to me how important it is to him to eat out.  Then we celebrated at home with ice cream and Brownie Bites from Trader Joe's.  He'll get cake this weekend for his party with all his friends.

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