Monday, November 10, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Twenty-five

I am thankful this evening because I got out of the house for a bit to write.  I got the kids to bed after dinner and left them at home with hubby, and went to a coffee shop for some mint tea.  I put my headphones in so I couldn't hear all the juicy, gossipy conversations happening around me.  I neglected my email, refused to surf the web, and was able to focus for a whole hour on analyzing a magazine and brainstorming about my writing.  It was awesome!  I feel invigorated and hopeful.  I have more clarity and perspective about what I want to do next. Nevermind all the chores I left undone this evening; they'll still be waiting for me tomorrow.  Now, when is the next time I can get away.....

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