Friday, November 14, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Twenty-six

Today while I was at the store, I ran into a lady who had come one or two of my hikes last summer.  I lead hikes for a local parks department.  Most of the hikes are for women, and I strive to make the atmosphere calming and relaxing.  I give the gals time to meditate, and encourage everyone to notice the natural world we are surrounded by.  Anyway, my former client had high praises for my program, and told me how much she appreciated my leadership style and the way the trips went.  She felt comfortable and safe on my trip, while she hadn't felt the same on another trip with different people.  

It was truly gratifying to know that my hard work and planning paid off.  I had a vision for what I wanted to do with these hikes, but I didn't know if I could pull it off.  It is neat to see that I was able to make a positive impact in someone's life.  It feels like there are so few times I am able to translate my idealistic ideas into a practical plan.  I look forward to refining my program next year.

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