Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Ships

Last Monday we met some friends in Edmonds for the annual Christmas Ship viewing and caroling.  It was a brisk evening, but thankfully dry.  We all walked out onto the fishing pier and snagged a spot at the railing overlooking the Sound.  The pier quickly filled up as people gathered.  A little after 7pm we heard the music broadcast from the lighted ship, and it sailed into view.  The ship stopped in front of the pier, and we were treated to a 20 minute concert by a chorale from Everett (I've forgotten the name of the group.)  The concert ended with caroling.  Gabriel enjoyed it, and asked if we could come again next year.  He also liked hanging out with two of his friends.  We walked back to the car and blasted the heater to warm up.  I made cocoa for the kids when we got home.  

I'm thankful I have a family to share traditions like this.  My son finds comfort in this kind of yearly tradition.  I remember before I had children, I wistfully imagined what it would be like, yearning to build memories like this with my future kids.  Now I have my little family, and it takes effort to pull myself out of the myopia of daily survival to do these little things that make our family special.

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Angela said...

we have always wanted to see the christmas ships in portland, but have never made it (too cold for little ones, or someone falls asleep right before we're going to leave,etc).

i didn't know they had christmas ships up in the sound, too! i think it's a pretty popular christmas tradition around here.