Friday, January 30, 2009

Cedar River Watershed Outing

Last week we had a day off from school, and we joined some friends for a little walk.  We had gone to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center last spring, and Gabriel has been talking about it ever since.  We had a beautiful, sunny day, though it was cold and breezy.  We met our friends at Rattlesnake Lake, and walked the gentle, 1/2 mile path up to the Education Center. 

 This is such a neat place to come - it's free, it is comfortable, and there are some really cool exhibits.
Our kids love the water cycle interactive exhibit.
They have big pipes with vacuum air flowing through them, which blow small balls to different areas of the room.  Kids can follow their ball through the water cycle, pretending it's a drop of water.  The Education Center also has Native American artifacts and natural findings kids can touch.

 When there is snow in the highlands and we want an easy outing, this is one of our favorite walks. 

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