Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nature Outings

We've been busy the past several days.  I get this way every year - after the rush of the holidays, I take a break, and then I start feeling like I need to get out into nature.  The weather can be challenging, so we pick outings close to home until the mountains thaw out.  

On Friday I took Annika to Kelsey Creek Park, where they have barns with animals you can look at and nice wooded trails to wander on.
 Unfortunately, my daughter was terrified of almost everything, from the diggers in the parking lot, to the pig, to the chickens (especially the chickens),
the pigeons, and the street sweeper cleaning up after the digger.  But the trails were nice, and she liked the heron statues and wanted to ride the horses.  There are more pictures and details here. 

On Saturday we went to the Education Center at Discovery Park.  It's a fun place to go, with some interesting info accessible to kids.  They have a play room for younger children with lots to touch, too.

 We walked a little on the trails after that, but it was cold and Annika was ready for her nap, so we didn't go far.

On Monday we went for a walk in the woods with some friends.
 We walked around Tradition Lake at Tiger Mountain.  We had a bluebird day, frosty and crisp.  Oh, how nice it was to see the sun, even if it wasn't very warm.  The kids did great on the hike.  It was about a mile and a half; I am so proud of Annika and how far she can walk.  It was good for the spirit to be out in real woods again, too.  Made me yearn for summer and a healed foot and hikes to alpine lakes.  I've posted a full report here.

It's such a gift to be able to share the outdoors with my kids.  They loved being in nature from babyhood, and both have their unique interests.  That's one of the things I yearned for before I was a parent.  I cherish it now while I've got it.

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