Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handy Mommy

Last week we had a plumbing emergency.  The part underneath the kitchen sink that screws the pipes onto the drain hole literally cracked and fell off.  Luckily, we discovered there was nothing holding the pipes to the sink before a major disaster occurred.  Since hubby was going to be gone all day, and I really needed to be able to use the kitchen sink, I took it upon myself to fix it.  I unscrewed everything (finding more cracked pieces in the process) and put all the yucky parts in a plastic sack to bring to the hardware store.  I got someone there to help me figure out what to get, and came home to fix the pipes.  Of course, I was missing one piece, so I had to wait until after nap time to go pick up the piece.  But then I was able to put it all back together.  Well, everything except I made one little mistake and then ran out of time before I could fix it.  Hubby helped me with the last details.  It was interesting, and I learned a bit about plumbing.  It's a good feeling when I can take on a project I know nothing about and take my time and piece it together.

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