Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sick Cat

Our poor cat is sick again.  She had a serious illness last year at this time, and it has returned again.  Apparently when some cats get "stressed out" they stop eating.  Jaz' body burned fat to survive, but her liver couldn't process it and got plugged up with fat cells.  Her liver stopped working right, she got sicker, and ate even less.  It is a downward spiral that is fatal if not treated aggressively.  Jaz had to have a feeding tube put in and we have to give her food, water and medicine every couple of hours.  She is starting to perk up a little bit, and her skin is not as jaundiced, but she has a ways to go yet.  It is stressful having to remember her routines and keep an eye on her.  Poor kitty.

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