Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canning Applesauce

When we went to Grandma's on Monday, we picked a large box of apples from one of her trees. I wanted to make applesauce, since we go through so much here with the kids. Yesterday I started on the project. A lovely friend loaned me her fancy apple slicer/corer/peeler gadget. It was fun to work and more interesting and quicker than doing it by hand. Plus I got to sit down for that part of the work. This was my first time canning by myself (not counting helping my mom when I was younger) and things took longer than they would have because I had to read instructions and call my parents, and of course I had to deal with dinner and bedtime too. But I finished with 5 1/2 quarts of golden sauce to go in the pantry. I still have some apples to do up, so I might get another couple of quarts.

I had one issue with some of the jars, when the applesauce bubbled out through the lids and out into the water. They seemed to seal OK, so I think they'll be all right, but if anyone has any advice about this, could you leave me a comment? Thanks!


I had my first class at the Homeschool Resource Center. They are going to help us figure out how to plan curricula and studies and stuff. I look forward to making new friends and getting help. I brought some things home from their library to try out. I feel better today than two days ago. Tomorrow is a field trip to enjoy the sunshine and nature.

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Sharon said...

Hi there,

I can tell you that as long as your jars sealed and you followed the correct processing time. Your jars should be fine. Sometimes jars overflow and prevent the seal, but as long as it sealed you are good.

Aren't those apple peelers just the handiest tools. Whoever invented them deserves to be in a hall of fame or something.