Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain and Hope

We buried one of our cats today, in the rain. We've had such a wonderful summer, but the change of seasons is beginning here. Our poor kitty Jaz was sick for some time, and finally succumbed. We had a little funeral for her, which was helpful for the children to connect with what had happened. Then I went back to bed. I'm going to miss her sleeping on my legs every night. We feel a hole in our family.

School starts in our district this week. We will begin our "official" homeschooling then. We've been easing into it over the past month, trying to figure out a schedule and routines that will work for our family. I really like having my son home all day. I am excited about what we will be learning (he wants to start with chemistry!). I am nervous about the commitment, and about all the areas I need to grow in to make this work. I hope I will know how to find the help I need and get the time to myself I need. Wish us luck!

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