Friday, October 10, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Eight

Well, I missed a few days in my thirty day goal.  Oh well.  I hereby give myself permission to be imperfect.

I am thankful for autumn sunshine.  This afternoon I took a nap in a pool of sun coming through my window.  Gabriel was at a friend's house, and Annika was asleep.  Both cats curled up with me.  Oh, how wonderful!  

Later this afternoon I wanted some fresh air, so I took a little stroll around the garden.  I miss being outside so much.  I brought the camera out to catch a few memories of the garden in autumn.  It's not much this year, but there are a few good things in among all the weeds.

Dwarf Fothergila is beginning to get some color.

The Cyclamen are blooming.

Volunteer tomatoes are ripening.

Our volunteer pumpkin is almost ready for Halloween!

Strawberries?  In October?

MMM...Yummy goodness.

Roseanne geranium still sending out neon purple flowers.

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