Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Two

At the top of my list of things to be grateful for is my husband.  It was not love at first sight for either of us when we met (though he did think I was cute), but over time we realized we were the right people for each other.  Early in our dating relationship, he took me down to meet his mom and his youngest brother and sister.  I knew from that day that he was the man I wanted to marry.  I saw how he treated his mom, how much he adored her.  I saw how gentle and amazing she was, and how the kids were, and I knew I could trust him with my heart.  

Those first impressions were right.  I ended up with a husband who supports me as I try to find myself, who serves me and our children and other people.  He has stood by my side, non-judgmentally, through the deepest lows I have experienced.  He provides for our family so I can stay home with our children.  He does not retaliate when I wrong him, but is always the first to apologize, even when he has done nothing wrong.  He shares adventures with me, yet allows me to have my own interests as well.  Besides all that, he is cute. 

I am so thankful I get to have him by my side as I navigate through this life.  I am grateful for our little family, and for the loving home we have built together.  I look forward to growing even more in our relationship, and I pray we will both be around together for a really long time.

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