Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Fifteen

I am thankful for serendipity.  I suppose it could be called destiny or fate, but that seems too pretentious.  Today was about an interesting turn of events.  I went to an event my friend put on called Shop Local Seattle.  She had a bunch of local folks gathered to showcase their services and products.  It was a diverse group of people; crafters, supplement sellers, medical providers, home maintenance type stuff, and others.  After saying hi to my friend, I walked around the gym they had rented out.  The first gal I talked to was a psychotherapist focusing on mindfulness.  I thought that was an interesting niche, so we chatted for a few minutes.  She was really interested in my work leading hikes for women, as she takes women on a ropes challenge course.  I got to have one of the most adult conversations I have had yet this week.

Then I picked up a few little gifts for Christmas presents for the kids.  Finally I stopped at the  Usborne book table.  I have been impressed with the quality of Usborne books, and I thought I'd pick up a few for the kids for gifts.  The gal there was another sharp, intelligent, interesting lady, and we ended up talking for awhile, too.  In our conversation, I mentioned I am trying to get a writing career going, and she gave me the name of a local parenting publication's editor.  She said I could drop her name with the editor and tell her we met.  I was impressed and flattered that she would offer to help me like that, and encouraged.  Maybe it will help me get in print.

Then as I was walking out the door, I said goodbye to my friend, and she might have some freelance work for me after the New Year.  I'll post more on that later if it materializes.

I was there for less than an hour, yet I felt like I had some meaty and productive conversations.  Maybe it will be enough to tip me out of my fear and into movement again.  I'm glad I made the effort to get out of the house without the kids.  I mostly wanted to support my friend, but I got a lot out of it myself.     

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