Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Ten

Today I had the privilege of holding a friend's baby.  The little one is five or six months old.  She was so interested in Gabriel's face.  She touched his eyes, his nose, his cheeks.  He, of course, was delighted in her attention.  Her eyes were bright, her tiny little mouth was open and round in joy and the surprise of discovery.  She gave little squeals, and Gabriel giggled and tried to stay still for her.  

This phase of babyhood is so precious.  You can see the learning happening in every new situation.  Of course, it's easier to enjoy this phase as a friend of the mom, when I can hold the baby and enjoy her, and hand her back when she's fussy.  I am grateful for snuggly babies with bright eyes and squeals of joy. 

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