Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Seventeen

We had a nice little walk to and from school this morning.  It had rained pretty hard yesterday, so everything was wet, and then last night we had a light frost.  The sun is out this morning, and leaves and grass were sparkling with frost and heavy dew.  One of our neighbors has some shrubs with gorgeous color right now, so we stopped to admire them  after Gabriel was safely to his classroom.  

Annika has recently decided she wants to wear her backpack on our walk to school just like her brother does.  She was only half-dressed this morning, and then decided she didn't need to wear her coat, so I carried it.  She noticed the half-moon in the sky before I did.  Our walk home took a few minutes longer than normal, but it was refreshing and satisfying.

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