Monday, October 13, 2008

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving - Day Eleven

Should this post be about storytime, books, the library.... or all of those?  I felt good enough to take Annika to the library for the toddler story time today.  We have an excellent fellow named Brian in charge of this program now.  He is a musician and theater guy, plus he is excellent with young children and picks fun books to read.  He does funny voices and sound effects, and mixes stories up with songs and dancing.  There is always a dose of classical music included, as well as the traditional nursery rhymes and ditties.  We are very fortunate to have such a man to lead our story times.  

There were over 40 kids plus parents in the room today, and there was another session after ours, as well.  I find it a bit overwhelming, and I think Annika does, too.  She is so different than her brother was at this age.  He would go up front by himself to get instruments or see the books.  She sucks her thumb and needs me to accompany her around the room.  But I know it is enriching for us both to be there, so we brave the crowds and get our dose of culture.

We picked up a few books afterward.  I love bringing home new library books to read.  I like the variety and the luxury of having new material.  Even so, I think I read each of our new books two or three times today.  I also picked up a bunch of magazines for myself.  I am already in the middle of 3 or 4 books (5 or 6??), so magazines are more realistic for me to finish right now.  Some of them are research for my writing, some are just issues that looked interesting or informative.  Either way, I feel nourished by our visit to the library.  Now, if I can just pull myself away from the computer......

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katypark said...

so glad to read your giving thanks project...thank you for reminding me to frame my days in thanks! i too have multiple books going at all times, so much to learn, so little time:)